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About Me

My Background

This image is a Geode which is made up of approximately 5 different layers of Resin, glass, paints n

I have always tinkered with some type of art.  From paint by numbers as a child to designing earrings back in the early 80’s.  I picked up alcohol inks about 4 years ago and became hooked.  

My Medium

This is a vibrant alcohol ink painting done on Yupo paper.  It’s sold, but is one of my favorites.

I use a number of mediums and items that I work with.  My base is usually alcohol inks which are very vibrant and colorful.  I use a lot of resin and work on boards, aluminum, paper, and various other things.  I also like to add Mica, glass and other items to accent.

My Inspiration

After a local 5k.

As an avid athlete I find a lot of inspiration in the outdoors where I ride my bike and run.   I love color and nature.  Interesting trees are one of my favorite things to paint.